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About Switch Electric

Brooklyn Electrical Contractor

Since 1978 in an industry of rapidly changing Dynamics and Demands, Brooklyn electrical contractorA�Switch Electric has consistently outperformed clients and the markets expectations. With a unique integration of mechanical prowess and business acumen.

Our customer’s satisfaction is critical to our success, and we must earn and maintain their loyalty through our performance. At Switch Electric, we are experts in all types of electrical work, whether it’s new work, alterations/renovation, maintenance service for A�commercial or residential. We have thirty years of experience, and are licensed and insured. We are affiliated with various local contractors’ associations.

Switch Electric proudly serves New York City & the Five Boroughs. Strategically located in Gowanus it provides easy access to all of our service areas. Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, Queens & the Bronx. We pride ourselves on quality work & client satisfaction.

Through out 25 years of unparallel service to this market we have meet and exceeded its unique requirements through exacting attention to detail and tireless quality control . We employee dedicated division staffed with mechanical and technical experts on call 24/7/365 to ensure clients needs are satisfied and concerns are meet. Our services run the full range of our client demands and requests including but not limited to…
Switch Electric specializes in residential electrical work ranging from one family to large multi family homes, Condo and Housing projects. With over 30 years experience we can meet and exceed all your needs.
In a phrase “mission critical” this is the standing order of Switch Electric’s treatment of this market place, Albeit new construction, emergency/ routine maintenance or additional electrical infrastructure. We are well versed in the needs and concerns enveloping industrial clients. As with all of the markets serviced by Switch Electric we employ a separate highly trained stall to meet and or exceed the needs of our clients in a cost effective manner.
Switch Electric has over 25 years experience in the telecom, data as well as cellular sites. Our expertise is in full netwrok design and data Center and disaster recovery sites. We also are able to provide project management and consulting.

New Construction


With over thirty years of experience we specialize in new or remodels. From single family to multi-unit high rise residential buildings that are either custom projects or built to code. Our craftsman ship and work ethic are second to none from the roughing phase to the finish work including intercoms, security systems along with television & data wiring, we will not disappoint. Also we handle all the necessary communications and inspections with Con Edison and the NYC Department of Buildings to ensure a hassle free experience.


Whether it is a single floor storefront or a Multi-unit high rise building in the heart of NYC or Brooklyn. We have completed projects ranging from 3 to 30 stories. With fully functional electrical distribution systems, automated security systems, public announcement systems and Fire Alarm installations. We are a full service electrical contractor. We also specialize in DOB violation removals and repairs required to meet New Insurance Company Guidelines for policy renewal.

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Switch Electric has a team of Brooklyn electrical contractors,A�expert and highly trained in the electrical safety codes and standards as well as todaya��s lighting trends. Our Brooklyn electricians are skilled having worked in many remodeling projects in the past years and keeping abreast of any changes involving todaya��s electrical standards.

If you are in the process of remodeling project, it is certainly the best time to ask for Switch Electrica��s skilled electricians. They are experts in design, installation and maintenance of electrical systems in homes, businesses and factories. As for your remodeling project, you can rest assured that a professional will provide you relevant information on correct wiring, light fixtures, switches, switchgear and panels.

During the whole remodeling process, rest assured that our Brooklyn electricians of any electrical needs that your remodeling project may require. Know that your projecta��s wiring can meet the safety electrical codes and standards. We also provide inspections to ensure that there will be no problems and if there are, repairs will be conducted immediately.

  • Electrical troubleshooting
  • Electrical panel upgrades
  • Interior lighting
  • Appliance installation
  • Surge protection
  • Electrical plugs and switches
  • Electrical breaks and fuses
  • Security lighting
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Gut Renovations

Switch Electric is an expert in electrical services in commercial, industrial and residential industries. Our Brooklyn electrical contractor team is highly trained, fully certified and experienced in all electrical services. If you are planning on having gut renovation, you can trust them to provide you professional assistance on doing your renovations, ensuring that it is completely safe from electrical hazards and that your building meets the electrical safety codes and standards.

Hiring the right electrician is critical decision you need to make when it comes to critical home systems and gut renovations. Brooklyn electricians are very important as incorrect electrical wiring can lead to significant damage and inconvenience and can even result to house fires if things go wrong. It goes to say that you need to be very careful of choosing the company you hire for electrical services for your gut renovations.

They must be people who can work amicably with masons and other labors, knows exactly what is expected from them and that is to discover emerging problems in terms that might cause inconvenience to you. Rest assured that our Brooklyn electricians have up-to-date education as we require them to attend to regular courses and stay abreast of the National Electrical Code.

Our company is also legitimately licensed to provide you electrical assistance during gut renovations. We assure that we understand completely what you require from us. We will provide dedicated assistance for an electrically energy efficient gut renovation. We will make sure that your home will not only become more functional, more comfortable and more enjoyable, but also safer from accidents involving electrical wirings.

Switch Electric understands your need and the importance of a properly wired home. Your home is your safest place. It should be the place where you know nothing bad can happen. To make that happen, we provide you with highly efficient service of ensuring the proper lighting and wiring of your renovated home.

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Telecom & Data

Telecom and Data - Brooklyn Electrical Contractor

Our services are not only dedicated to the construction industry as we cater to field of Telecom & Data as well. Our expertsa�� knowledge and expertise does not fall short to electrical wiring but also in cable wiring also. We provide our electrical services designed to expand, upgrade as well as to re-configure your officea��s wiring requirements so that it can meet the existing and future demands in business.

Our Brooklyn electrical contractor have expertise when it comes to designing reliable electrical services for your voice networks as well as data, video and security programs. Wea��ll provide you reliable cabling and wiring solutions to make sure that your data and voice communication will not be inconvenienced with faulty wirings. Our electrical services are geared towards making sure that the best possible outcome will be delivered to your organization.

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Cell Sites

Cell Sites - Brooklyn Electrical Contractor

Electricity is the heart and blood of every cell site, no matter how the site was deployed. Without proper electrical wirings, the cell site will probably dona��t work as intended. Switch Electric provides you varying cell site electrical services designed to maintain and make sure that cell sites function well. Whether it is new installation or an existing service, our Brooklyn electricians make sure that the cell sitea��s power flow is completely hazard-free.

We make sure that the right amperage and correct components are used in cell sites and that the site is capable of handling varying load demands. We have on our side expert electricians who know like the back of their hands how the pieces exactly fit together. Using the knowledge and experience they have, our Brooklyn electricians were capable of inspecting, installing and providing expert recommendation to solve any potential conflicts on equipment integration.

Our Brooklyn electricians are licensed and highly experiences, allowing them to easily comprehend the intricacies of cell sites, about power limitations and requirements. You can count on us to make sure that your electrical equipment does pass the safety code and standards. We will make sure that cell sites can meet all that is in the checklists of regulatory agencies. It will be our job to assure you that your equipment has safe and reliable flow of power.

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A Trusted Brooklyn Electrician Since 1984

Proudly serving New York City & the Five Boroughs with greatA�quality work & client satisfaction.

About Switch Electric

Established in 1984, Switch Electric provides a full range of electrical contracting services to construction companies, building owners and end users.

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Switch Electric installed a generator along with some other cabling for my new house, these guys were fantastic. They came on time, did the work very professionally and left my house after cleaning the place. I would totally recommend them, 5 stars.
Elite GC - NY
I needed well organized network cabling and electrical work in my office building so I can organize my team well and get rid of all the cables lying around. Called these guys, and really liked there work. Affordable price and professional work, the combination I was looking for. Thanks to Joe and his team.
United Cerebral Palsy
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Brooklyn Electrical Contractors

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Brooklyn Electrician

How can Brooklyn electricians help you? You may be aware of electrical contractors but it may be so that you dona��t fully understand what they can do or how they exactly they can help you, right? We at Switch Electrical can help you by assisting you in design, installation and maintenance of electrical systems. We can help you in your construction, remodeling or renovation projecta��s electrical requirements.

What our job entails is to assist you in your building and projecta��s whole process when it comes to electrical aspects. The fact is that faulty wiring and not following the safety standards for electricity when constructing can cause a lot of inconvenience and harm people as accidents can happen. We take it to ourselves to ensure that these things will not happen.

This way, we can prevent the loss of time, money, property and lives in the event that accidents happen. If you can hire the right Brooklyn electrician, you can rest assured that all that is necessary for everyone safety is completed. You can count on our Brooklyn electricians to take care of your projecta��s electrical needs so have peace that not problem will arise.

Our Brooklyn electricians are all experts, fully licensed and experienced in everything that involves electricity. They can take care of you and all your needs without any conflict. Our electriciansa�� are skilled in varying scopes of work and specialties so whatever may be it is that you need, we can surely provide them.